Blog/ Your Support has Saved and Transformed Lives!

Your Support has Saved and Transformed Lives!

Every so often we hear from our national leaders who reach out with enthusiasm to share life-changing stories. We recently heard from Dawn. You could hear the excitement in her voice as she shared about a young woman from Turkey, whom she led to the Lord two years ago. 

She called Dawn in tears a few days. She was working at a hospital where she met a young girl looking to have an abortion. Her doctor had recommended that she abort the baby in her womb because she had taken a strong medicine which the doctor was sure could cause deformity in the baby. The only way he would allow the pregnancy to go on was if a sonogram could prove him wrong. The two young women didn’t have the money for the sonogram so Dawn, our missionary, sent money from the support she gets from us. The sonogram showed the baby to be in perfect shape! The baby was saved, and the young mother received the Lord as her Savior! 

Just as Dawn exclaimed in her audio message, we join her in saying that – by the Grace of God, WE SAVED A LIFE! 

Thank you for your faithful support and commitment to World Link Ministries’ mission.