The Philippines

The Need

World Link Ministries’ efforts in the Philippines are making a significant impact in a nation rich in history and diversity. The Philippines, with its population of approximately 110 million across 7,600 islands, presents a unique landscape for ministry work.  

In Manila, the capital and a key location for our ministry, we are addressing the spiritual needs in a country that, despite its emerging market status, still struggles with poverty and high unemployment. Our partnership with the Manila-based Biblical Seminary of the Philippines is crucial in this regard. Through innovative methods like “hour of power” preaching via Zoom, we are reaching students and pastors across the country, offering essential doctrinal and pastoral training.  

Our presence in the Philippines, which began only in May 2021, has already led to approximately 500 church plants in various stages of progress. This rapid growth is a testament to the deep spiritual hunger and openness of the Filipino people, especially the younger generation, to the Gospel message. Our local leaders on the ground play a pivotal role in this success, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic approach and strong partnerships. 

What’s Happening

The response to the Gospel in the Philippines has been overwhelmingly positive. The Filipino people we’ve reached have embraced the message with enthusiasm and eagerness, showing a genuine interest in learning about God’s word and ways. This receptivity is particularly noticeable among the youth, who are generally open to seeking and understanding the Lord.   

Our collaboration with the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines enables us to leverage established leadership and teaching platforms, equipping workers for effective evangelism and church planting. This partnership is not just about expanding our reach; it’s about nurturing and developing a sustainable, spiritually rich environment in communities across the Philippines.  

Join us in this vital mission. Your support can help us continue to address the spiritual needs of the Filipino people, contributing to a transformation that goes beyond church walls and into the heart of communities. Together, we can make a lasting impact in a nation eager for spiritual growth and guidance. 

Prayer/Church Planter Support Request

Please pray for blessing upon our continued work with the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines that the workers might receive the proper training and for the Filipinos to be open to hearing and accepting the truth of the gospel message.

Also, please consider supporting a field worker/church planter for $350/month.