The Need

World Link Ministries’ work in Venezuela is a beacon of hope in a country grappling with severe economic and political challenges. Venezuela, once a prominent oil producer, now faces a dire economic situation with hyperinflation, severe shortages of basic goods, and nearly 80% of its population living in extreme poverty. Despite these hardships, the government has been open to missions work and church planting, creating an opportunity for impactful change.   

Since our entry into Venezuela in the spring of 2022, starting in Valencia and expanding to Caracas, we have witnessed a profound openness to the Gospel. This receptivity is particularly evident in communities where physical and financial needs are great. Our work in these cities is not just about spreading faith; it’s about addressing the deep-seated needs of the people. 

What’s Happening

In both Valencia and Caracas, we have made significant strides, with about 300 church plants in various stages in the Caracas area and around 315 in Valencia. This rapid expansion reflects the hunger for spiritual nourishment and guidance among the Venezuelan people. Our strong leadership in Valencia, overseeing work in both locations, has been instrumental in this success. 

One of our most impactful initiatives is the food program for children. By feeding the children, we are also reaching their parents, creating a cycle of physical and spiritual nourishment that strengthens entire communities. The overwhelming response to this program has exceeded our capacity, a testament to its necessity and effectiveness.  

The Holy Spirit’s presence is palpable in Venezuela, as evidenced by the growing number of believers seeking baptism and reaching out to our leaders. Our work here is more than just establishing churches; it’s about fostering a community of faith that provides hope, stability, and support in a time of great need. 

Join us in this vital mission. Your support can help us continue to address both the physical and spiritual needs of the Venezuelan people, contributing to a transformation that extends beyond the walls of the church into the heart of communities. Together, we can make a lasting impact in a nation eager for change and renewal. 

Prayer/Church Planter Support Request

Please pray for the necessary reforms for the economy to thrive and for continued enthusiasm for the training and church-planting programs we bring to this very needy country. Also, please pray for a larger facility to meet the pressing needs of our expanding food program which is reaching so many.

And please consider supporting a field worker in Venezuela for only $35/month, indicative of the poverty in this country.