Over 15,000 churches planted since 2000!

The Need

With a population of 11 million, the vast majority of whom are living in poverty according to other independent economies, the need for hope is great. The US trade embargo, devastating hurricanes, corruption, and poor productivity hamper progress. The average salary for workers is an incredible $40 per month regardless of skill set.

Catholicism was the default religion before the revolution. Although the majority still confess Catholicism, huge swathes of the church are rife with syncretism– it is often hard to tell where Catholicism ends and where Afro-Caribbean spiritism begins. The Cuban Council of Churches is the Protestant umbrella body sanctioned by the regime. Jehovah Witnesses have a significant presence in Cuba, as do other fringe sects, such as the Prosperity Gospel.

The government has imposed a lockdown for the country due to COVID. Vaccines are not available in significant supplies and the logistics of reaching many rural Cubans is challenging. There are severe shortages of almost everything. Despite these challenges, the Cuban people have a resilient disposition.

What’s Happening

The evangelical churches have enjoyed relative freedom and opportunity to proclaim their mission. The growth in those who have come to the savior over the last 20 years has gone from roughly 100,000 to more than 2 million.

Even so, leadership for the churches in Cuba is an urgent need. Many pastors have left the ministry and others have fled the country. We Praise God for those who have stood firm and have continued to do their work in a wonderful harvest field. Cuba has only 3 seminaries, therefore our intensive training modules have provided a much-needed training for Church Planters and young pastors.

World Link Ministries has pastoral training centers in Bayamo, Placetas, and Havana, with over 700 active church planters faithfully taking the Gospel from one end of the island to the other. In our more than 20 years of work in Cuba, we’ve seen over 15,000 churches planted and just over 1 million people become Christ followers.

With an average church size of 150 members, we are currently seeing an average of 100 new church plants each month! Although, by God’s grace, our work in Cuba has been extremely fruitful, there remains much to be done.

Prayer/Church Planter Support Request

Please pray for these people who are so hungry for the Good News of Christ Jesus.

And please consider supporting a local worker for only $40/month.