The Need

The population of Mexico is 127 million. From the late 1990s onward, the majority of the population has been part of the growing middle class. Nonetheless, according to Mexico’s National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy from 2006 to 2010 the portion of the population that live in poverty rose from 18% to an astounding 46%. According to a 2008 UN report the average income in a typical urbanized area of Mexico was $26,654, while the average income in rural areas just miles away was only $8,403. Daily minimum wages are established annually and are currently set at $4.5 USD.

We in the US see the results of these economic statistics every day. The news is replete with stories of migrants fleeing Mexico and seeking sanctuary in the US, despite often arduous journeys through the desert and the use of ‘coyotes’ (human traffickers who smuggle people into the US).

The drug trade is a major industry in Mexico, run by powerful and violent cartels, resulting in intimidation of large numbers of the populace. This factor and gang violence continue to increase, making Mexico more and more dangerous. Corruption at every level of government is a significant issue.

What’s Happening

A unique opportunity has been presented to World Link Ministries to expand into Mexico. We are partnering with Lomas Verdes Baptist Seminary in Mexico City, First Baptist in Puebla, and Oaxaca Baptist Seminary in three different regions where they are already faithfully providing pastoral training. We provide a stipend of $500/ month/student for 18 months to 20 graduates who are committed to church planting. To date they have planted 25 churches with an average of 250 people each. Our goal is to see 10 churches established in each of Mexico’s 32 states within the next 10 years. May the Lord lead Mexico to lay claim to His word of “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Prayer/Church Planter Support Request

Please pray for the people of Mexico as they battle corruption, the influence of drug cartels, gang violence and other social ills.

And please consider supporting a church planter for $250/month