The Need

World Link Ministries is actively transforming communities in Brazil, a nation facing profound challenges despite its economic progress. Brazil’s vast population of 213 million, with Portuguese as the national language, includes many living in poverty-stricken favelas and indigenous Amerindians in the Amazon basin suffering from centuries of oppression. Our work here is not just necessary; it is life-changing.  

In the large cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where up to one-third of the population lives in slums, World Link Ministries is making significant strides. Our strategic plan aims to saturate both the northern and southern regions with the Gospel, offering hope and guidance in places where spiritual and social breakthroughs are desperately needed. Our approach is comprehensive, addressing the deep-seated issues of poverty, crime, and despair in these communities.   

In the Amazon basin, the plight of the indigenous Amerindians is particularly heart-rending. Once numbering six million, their population has dwindled to just 700,000 due to prejudice, exploitation, and despair. Many of these tribal groups are small and remain unreached by the Gospel. World Link Ministries is directly addressing this urgent need. Our pastoral training center dedicated to remote tribal pastors from the Amazon is a beacon of hope. These pastors, fervent in their desire to learn and serve, are being equipped to return to their tribes with newfound knowledge and spiritual insight. 

What’s Happening

With four pastoral training centers housing 70 students each and over 600 church plants underway, the impact of World Link Ministries in Brazil is undeniable. Each church plant, each trained pastor, represents a step towards transforming Brazil’s communities. By focusing on both the spiritual and physical needs of these diverse populations, we are not just spreading the Gospel; we are fostering environments of hope, resilience, and positive change. 

Join us in this vital mission. Together, we can continue to make a substantial difference in the lives of countless Brazilians, bringing light to areas long shadowed by hardship and despair. 

Prayer/Church Planter Support Request

Please pray for an end to corruption, and oppression of the indigenous population, and for a spiritual re-awakening in this vast country that is so hungry for salvation.

And please consider supporting a field worker in Brazil for $100/month.