Building for National Impact

It’s not easy for an Evangelical organization to function in Spain. But WLM is growing fast. We need more space, so we considered renting a larger building in Madrid. But there are very few buildings in Spain that owners will allow for evangelical purposes. Even if they did allow it, research revealed costs of usage permits and bringing buildings up to code would be more than the building’s value! And remaining there for the long term could not be guaranteed.

We know God cannot be hindered by governments or religions, so we prayed again and waited on Him. And now He seems to be answering our prayers beyond our wildest dreams.

In an ironic twist, the Madrid city government wants to work with WLM, no strings attached. They have offered half a city block of free prime property through a land grant to build a new training facility. WLM can operate openly as an evangelical institution holding to Biblical values. However, their offer came with one simple request; we must provide help to the poor, the addicted, and the destitute to regain their lives—and the Gospel can play a central role.

In other words, the Madrid city government is asking WLM to do what we already do!

World Link Ministries - Building for National Impact
World Link Ministries - Building for National Impact

We want to broaden training to include the specialties our global context now requires.

Practical non-formal and formal seminary training is still core to our mission, but our training goes beyond the concept of traditional seminary training. These days, students come to WLM with a wide variety of skills and talents they want to develop further for ministry.

They may be people who provide social services. They may minister to prison inmates in Cuba or work with homeless people in urban centers of eastern Europe.

The city government’s land offer is large enough for WLM to build a facility that can meet the needs of our global students and serve the city of Madrid through social services.

  • The land will be granted for 75 years free of charge with a renewal for another 75 years as WLM continues to meet its obligations to serve the needy.
  • The building will belong only to WLM.
  • The city has never reneged on a land grant used for educational and social purpose.
  • We are not required to accept anyone who does not fit WLM enrollment criteria.

The Madrid city government has given WLM a brief window of opportunity. Construction must begin within 12 months. Otherwise, they will offer the land to another probably non-evangelical organization.

So much has come together on accreditation and land grants, fueled by a growing demand for WLM training worldwide. We believe God is doing a new work and now is the time to grow our presence in Madrid – and for the sake of global missions.

World Link Ministries - Building for National Impact